1° In the absence of opposition within 8 calendar days following the date of this letter, our invoices, as well as our general conditions of payment will be considered as accepted.


2° Our invoices are payable in cash, except contrary stipulations appearing on the invoice under due date. any ordered service will be the object of a pre-payment on our bank account at the latest 5 days before the service failing which the service will be cancelled by right and the received installment will not be restored as compensatory allowance. in the event of late payment, it is advised to take contact with the accounting service and to send the proof of payment by e mail in order to avoid this inconvenience.


3° If the invoice is not paid when due, if the credit card presented by default is also refused, the amount still due will bear interest at the legal rate in Belgium, increased by 3% without formal notice.


4° When, after 15 days from the sending of a formal notice by fax, e-mail or, and registered letter, the debtor remains in default, the amount of the debt will be increased by 15% by operation of law with a minimum of 150.00 € as fixed compensation for additional administrative costs, monitoring of debtors and commercial disturbances. In addition, if one or more invoices were still outstanding, whatever their terms, are made immediately payable. In addition, the debtor will bear our attorney's fees as well as any procedures made necessary for the recovery of the debt.


5° We reserve the right to interrupt our services in the event of non-payment on the day after the due date, even if a contract was still in progress, without this giving rise to any compensation on our part.


6° The manager signing the rental contract also undertakes as joint and several guarantee and indivisible of his company concerning the amounts made incontestably due.


7° reserves the right to cancel a transport for the following causes: snow, freezing rain, intense fog, strike, demonstrations, discomfort of the driver or doubtful behaviour of the customers putting the safety of the journey in question.  In the event of a breakdown or accident, we will guarantee the continuation of the journey, on the day of the incident, at our expense and as quickly as possible.  Under no circumstances will compensation be granted, whatever the direct or indirect consequences, nor will we be held liable in the event of delays caused by traffic jams, diversions or blockages on the road caused by an accident by third parties.


8° In case of technical need, we can entrust a mission in partnership with another company which will answer the same conditions of price and quality of execution of the contract in progress.


9° Waiting: AIRPORT: the driver will stand in front of the meeting point, in front of the arrivals area, holding a sign in the name of the customer. 45 minutes after disembarkation, the customer or the principal has not shown up, the driver will leave again and the trip will be invoiced at the normal price, without extra charge. the waiting costs not foreseen or in supplement will be invoiced at the hourly amount, per quarter of hour started.


GARES,HOTELS,RESTAURANTS and SPECTACLES: A reasonable delay of 20 minutes after the scheduled time is granted to the customers ;after this delay the waiting is invoiced at the hourly amount, per quarter hour started. In no case will the driver wait more than one hour unless agreed between the customer and the management.


10° Reservations: Are considered firm and final purchase orders duly completed for acceptance by the client and our company. The customer authorizing us to take a deposit of 30% on the provisional amount of the estimate engages the 2 parts. Unless prior written agreement of the seller, pre-payment of the service must be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or Paypal. The balance according to estimate will be debited or paid by the customer on our bank account 5 days before the beginning of the service. Expenses not foreseen, not provided or in supplement will be deducted or refunded at the end of the service. The detailed invoice will be sent to the client the day after the end of the mission.


11° Supplement Hourly: It is from there a supplement of 20% relating to the services carried out between 20H00 and 06H00 of the morning                             


12° Loss or theft of objects: Our company declines any responsibility in the event of loss, theft or forgetting of luggage or objects installed on board the vehicle. The costs of returning forgotten items are the responsibility of customers who accept, or who collect them free of charge, by appointment at our head office garage.


13° Cleaning-degradation : - The vehicles are returned to the customer in a

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