Vehicle hire with chauffeur

Customised services for every budget…

Transport to and from the airport?

Need to organize a corporate shuttle service?

VIP service in a luxury vehicle?

LOCATION CAR  has an answer to all your needs !

As a vehicle hire company we provide cars, minibuses and coaches with chauffeur.

Our team is at your service in the whole of Belgium and abroad.

Customised solutions ranging from 1 to 77 passengers

Airport transfers in Belgium and abroad

  • Personalised welcome
  • Business travel
  • Embassies
  • Private and official visits
  • Guided tours
  • Ceremonies
  • VIP Service
  • Corporate shuttle service
  • Meetings

LOCATION CAR is a company that is situated at Notre Dame De Louvignies (7063 Soignies) with an office in Brussels (1050).  The managing director, Robert Mornan, has acquired an extensive experience in people transport since 1987.

It’s this experience that allows us to provide you with a quality service that has an answer to all your needs whether they are personal or professional.

Our simple concept allows you to hire one or more vehicles in the whole of Europe through one single provider that takes care of the  complete reservation process.

After we’ve received your request by email, we’ll send you as soon as possible a detailed price quote.  Upon agreement we immediately send you your reservation documents.  As we work as a broker we help you to gain time and tranquillity.

One single contact, one single invoice, even for services that take up several days and in different countries.

LOCATION CAR offers a wide range of customised services to companies and individuals.  A single person, a group, meetings, tourism, corporate or private events: we take care of everything thus saving you the stress and the budget that comes with it.

Years of experience have helped us to select the best contractors and reliable partners in order to ensure services of the highest quality.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote: it’s free and without any obligation.

We hope to have the pleasure of driving you.

Nos clientèle principale provient de Bruxelles, du Brabant Wallon : Waterloo - Nivelles - Wavre - Louvain-la-Neuve  et de Wallonie : Hainaut, Mons, Namur Tournai,...

N.B. : Les véhicules affichés sur le site sont non contractuels. Sous réserve de disponibilité à la date souhaitée. Le nom et le Gsm du chauffeur sont fournis 24h00 avant la date réservée.  The vehicles displayed on the site are non-contractual. Subject to availability on the requested date. The name and mobile number of the driver will be made available 24h00 before the reserved date.

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LOCATION CAR : Location de véhicules avec chauffeur  - voiture -  limousine - minibus - bus - Navette Aéroport Zaventem - Bruxelles National -Service VIP

Bruxelles - Waterloo - Nivelles - Wavre - Louvain-la-Neuve et autres communes du Brabant Wallon

Location de tous véhicules en Wallonie - Hainaut, Mons, Namur Tournai,...

Vehicle hire with chauffeur

Car – limousine – minibus – shuttle Zaventem Brussels Airport – VIP Service – Brussels – Waterloo –

Nivelles – Wavre – Louvain-la-Neuve and all other cities in Brabant Walloon – Vehicle hire in Wallonia – Hainaut, Mons, Namur, Tournai, …

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